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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Nusach Sefard & wool suits

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Shu”t  Chasam Sofer  (O.Ch. 15b-16 ) The Shoel asks the Chasam Sofer about People
who wear woolen clothing if  they are allowed to serve as a Shliach Tzibur. 

The Shoel heard that Nusach Sefard doesn’t tolerate people who wear woolen clothing.
People who do so (wear wool)  are not worthy to daven Nusach Sefard.

In Teshuvah # 15  the Ch. S.  ridicules this statement. He says even if the chumra comes
from not wanting to be nichshal in Shatnez, it doesn’t make sense to differentiate between
Nusach Ashkenaz and Sefard.

In Teshuva 16 , Although The Chasam Sofer still  disagrees with the Shoel , he  treats the Shoel more
respectfully, being the Yismach Moishe confirmed , the  disallowing  of a Shaliach Tzibbur who  wears wool ( to daven Nusach Sefard). 

Perhaps we can say this statement originated  by a Gadol  who might have said, " people
 who daven Nusach Sefard don’t wear wool clothing". He was referring to Sefardim who reside
in warm countries.  

All he   was   trying to say, was  a fact,  Sefardim being they live in warm climate
countries don’t wear wool.  ( by doing so they are not  nichshal in Shatnez). He never
 meant to say , davening  Nusach Sefard requires one not to wear wool clothing.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Halacha Matzav

Halacha Mefureshes Shulchan Aruch. 
(O.Ch. 198:1)

Someone who didn't eat or drink and
hears the Birchas Hazimun 
[ נברך (אלהינו) שאכלנו משלו]
should answer, 

ברוך(אלהינו) ומבורך שמו תמיד

Did you know ? (158)

Half is whole

What is commonly known as חצי קדיש (half Kaddish)
is actually the complete Kaddish.

The Tefillah of Kaddish is to be Mekadesh Sheim
Shomyim.which ends at Da'amiron Beolmo.

Tiskabal,Yehai Shlomo & Oseh Sholom were added
on to the Kaddish, when ending, the Tefillah it should
be accepted, we should have peace with each
other, and if  there is Ch"v Machlokes, Hashem should
help us make peace*

*Aruch Hashulchan O.Ch. 56:8.(I am not sure, why it is important to know

Monday, August 22, 2016

Zohar -Parshas eikev

a kabbalah matzav

The Zohar Parshas עקב writes the Tefillin Shel Rosh
has 2 Shins. One Shin with 3 Zayins and one with 4 Zayins
in total 7 Zayins.
The Zohar explains the 7 secrets of the 7 Zayins on the 
Tefilin . 
1) 7 lobes of the lung*
2) 7 days of the week
3) 7 weeks (Pesach to Shavuos)
4) 7 Planets**
5) 7 branches of the Menorah
6) 7 candles 
7) 7 Sefiros

*5 lobes +2?

 כוכבי לכת**

Friday, August 19, 2016

The Chasam Sofer Reason For The Yom Tov Of Tu Baav

כתיבה וחתימה טובה*

The Gemoro (Moed Katan 9a) says on the Pasuk
(Melochim 1:8:64) וילכו לאהליהם שמחים וטובי לב –
They came home and their wives were Tehoros.
 וטובי לב 
They all became pregnant with a Ben Zochor
על כל הטובה 
They were forgiven for eating on Yom Kippur

 The last person to reach his home in Nehar Peros was
on the 7th of Cheshvan (Ta’anis10a)

If you count from the  7th of Cheshvan, 271 days of
pregnancy (Nidah 38a) they will have given birth on the
15th of Av which was their sign of Kaparah.

According to the Chasam Sofer, perhaps we can add an
additional Simcha on Tu B’av.
They all had boys and realized that in a few years from
then there won’t be any more a  Shidduch crisis.

*גימטריה חמשה עשר באב

 **(Drashos 1:P43)

Now thats a matzav             

Thursday, August 18, 2016

456 כולל+ = 457

*לא יהיה לך אלהים אחרים בגמטריה אלו ישו ומוחמד

*ר' אפרים עה"ת פ' יתרו

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