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Mazel Tov

Daf Hashavua
Bava Basra 60b
(Today's Daf)

על ראש שמחתי, אר"י זה אפר מקלה שבראש חתנים

The Kol Bo writes There are places where they don't place the ashes on the Choson's
head, because there are some Chasanim who don't wear Tefilin (פאר תחת אפר) ---

instead,  a כוס is broken after the שבע ברכות  to mourn the Churban Habayis.

This Kol Bo is the first source for breaking a כוס under the Chupa to mourn the Churban Habayis.

The Gemoro in Brachos where מר בריה דרבינא & רב אשי who at their son's weddings broke
expensive cups was not because of the Churban but to minimize excessive joy in Olam Hazeh. (ר' יונה) 


The Minhag today, is that the mothers of Chosson Kallah are the ones who break the plate at the תנאים 

Perhaps the reason for this is because the תנאים originally was done at home. The woman of 
the house brought the plate from the kitchen. Since it was in her hands she was the one
to break it. אמבצי

Thursday, March 23, 2017

?שבעה מי יודע

?שבעה מי יודע

1) According to the *שלחן העזר,
The reason for the  Minhag of
untying all knots before the Chupa is
prevent Kishuf (witchcraft) on the Chosson

2) According to the שלחן העזר *
"Another prevention from Kishuf is
to place a gold bar or gold coin in the Chosson's
"  'אבל היראים התמימים מקיימים הפסוק תמים תהי' וכו
 ח"ב דף ל”א עב*

3) The reason Choson Kallah are walked down 
with two candles because 2 x נר =  same 
Gematria (500) as פרו ורבו

4) According to the Zohar* Father & Mother 
are the ones to walk down the Kallah to the Chupa
*זוהר פ' בראשית ,ויביאה אל האדם, מהכא אוליפנא 
דבעאן אבא ואמא דכלה לאעלה ברשותיה דחתן

5) According to the Zohar* The Chosson should
stand on the right side of the Kallah
*זוהר פ' פנחס

6) According to Kabbala* it is preferable to use 
red wine for the ברכת הנשואין  under the Chupa.
     *(ריקאנטי עה"פ ותרא האשה עפ"י זוהר) 

7) According to Kabbala* After Chosson & Kallah
drink the wine you pour some of the wine on the
floor**, to appease  the סטרא אחרא (other side - Satan)
so he won't be מקטרג (prosecute)

*ספר גליא רזיא (תלמיד האריז"ל)

** בספר חיי אברהם כתב הטעם הוא 

לסימן טוב שישפיע להם השי"ת ברכה

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Act normal when performing Mitzvos

Parshas Hashavua
Act normal when performing Mitzvos

Rashi (Shemos 38: 22 ) says,” Moshe commanded Betzalel to do the Klei Hamishkan
first and then to construct the Mishkan. Betzalel argued and said the Minhag is to build the
house first and then the Keilim, so you can place them in the house. Moshe agreed
that this was the way Hashem originally commanded him.”  

Why didn't Moishe think of such an obvious problem it would create, not having where 
to house the Keilim ? 

We can answer this question with another question.

The building of the Mishkan was completed on the 25th of Kislev. The first time
it was erected was more than three months later. on Rosh Chodesh Nissan. 

What was Betzalel's argument? Why was it important to build the Mishkan first if  
they wouldn't store the Keilim there for the first 3 months?

Perhaps we can answer.
Bezalel's  concern was not, that the Mishkan needs to 
be ready first, for the practical reason to place the Klei Hamishkan in it.

He knew that both, the Mishkan and the Keilim will  need to go into storage 
for 3 months.

His argument was, being the Minhag Haolam is to build 
the home first and then the furniture, ( practical reason)
so too when building a Mishkan, we  should follow the Minhag
 Haolam and build the Mishkan first and then the Keilim.

He held, when doing Mitzvohs we should act and do it in 
a normal manner. We should follow the Minhag Haolom.

From the Loshon of  Rashi,  we see that his main complaint was  
the Minhag Haolam.
The practical problem of storage is only  an explanation for the 
Minhag Haolam and not for the Mishkan and Keilim which would be 

stored for three months. (אמבצי)

Vort on parshas vayakhel-The torah matzav 

Monday, March 20, 2017

אין מוקדם ומאוחר

אין מוקדם ומאוחר                                       

According to Rashi the last Kapital Tehillim Dovid wrote was Kapital 72 and ended it with the Pasuk  כלו תפלות דוד בן ישי 

There are different Mesoros to how many Kapitlach,
Tehillim consists of.

a) Our Mesora is 150.
b) The Yerushalmi (Shabbos #16 Hl.1) says there are 147 Parshiyos.

c) The Meieri on Tehillim has 151

Thursday, March 16, 2017

פעם אחת

פעם אחת                                       

The Mechaber in Shulchan Aruch (O.Ch. 685:7) writes :

"Some say that reading Parshas Zachor & Parshas Parah are Min Hatorah".

The Mishna Verurah writes that many Achronim argue and hold Parshas Parah is not Min Hatorah.

Tosfos (Brachos 13a & Megilla 17b) enumerates the times when Kerias Hatorah is Min Hatorah.
The original Girsa in Tosfos had Parshas Para as a Keriah Mideorysa.

The Maharshal removed from Tosfos "Parshas Parah"  and says it was  mistakenly put in.

The Mekor Baruch (R.Baruch Epstein z"l) writes it's possible the mistake came about 
by Tosfos saying Parshas Zachor is Deorysa פ"א Tosfos meant. to read Parshas Zachor פעם אחת  once a year. People mistakenly thought it meant פרה אדומה

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