Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Made Up Story Of Reb Moshe Feinstein -Daf Hashovua

Someone told Reb Elyashiv that at one point the doctors wanted to give Reb Moshe Feinstein a pace maker. Reb Moshe refused because he said that when Moshiach comes I want to sit on the Sanhedrin . If I have a pace maker then I will be a baal Muum and wont be able to sit on the Sanhedrin .

Reb Elyashiv said this story can’t be true .

How did Reb Elyashiv Know that the story was not true?


Answer To Riddle

The ערוך השלחן (O.Ch.581:12) writes,
“It is forbidden to blow Shofar the entire month of
Ellul , in the night time, even if it’s done just for
practice. The reason is, not to awaken the negative 
forces of the night.”(Kabbalistic)

The טור (O.Ch. 581) writes that in אשכנז
the Minhag is to blow Shofar every morning
and evening (בכל בקר וערב )

R. Moishe zt”l (Igros Moishe O.Ch. 4, 21,) writes
“It is מסתבר (makes sense) Erev is not 

in the night-time , but  during the daytime,

either after Mincha* or after early Ma’ariv. (They
used to Daven Ma’ariv in the daytime).”

*The Chaya Adam, brings the Minhag of blowing

after Mincha

Elul Riddle

What may you do  11 months in the year (even לכתחילה)
The whole month of Ellul you may not do it.


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Who said you're not allowed ?

Parshas Hashavua

לא תשחית את עצה- כי ממנו תאכל
ואתו לא תכרת (דברים כ:י"ט)

The ט"ז (Y.D.116:6) writes,

שאסרו חז"ל מפני הסכנה שלא לקוץ"
אילן העושה פירות"

"Chazal forbade because of סכנה
 to cut down fruit trees

Isn't it the Torah who forbade 

cutting down fruit trees?

Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse poetry

                                        Don't Worry

ובזמן שישראל עושין רצונו של מקום אין מתייראין מכל אלה שנאמר       
 כה אמר ה' -- ומאותות השמים אל תחתו כי יחתו הגוים מהמה (סוכה כ"ט.)

In the year 1044 in the month of כסליו, there was a lunar eclipse
and two weeks later there was a solar eclipse across Europe.

R. Yechiel Mi Roma* wrote a Piyut for the occasion. It was based
on the two Pasukim in Yirmiyahu (10:2,3) '---כה אמר ה
(Yidden need not to fear an eclipse)

Every Stanza has three lines of Piyut and the fourth line has part
of the two Pesukim.  

1st. Stanza (rough translation)

אתה גלית סודך לצופי חזיוני
You uncovered your secrets to the נביאים
אליך להשליך יהב ברעש רזיוני
To you the burden of nature noises should be thrown
בל תשתע מלקיית מאורי רונני
Do not dissolve from the eclipse of the lights who sing שירה
כה אמר ה    

*R.Yechiel Mi Roma was Rosh Yeshiva in Rome. He was the
father of the famous R.Nosson Mi Roma theבעל הערוך

Protect Your eyes

Which natural occurrence in the sky is damaging to the eyes if stared at?

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