Friday, June 23, 2017

No Mussar in Shul

       No Mussar in Shul

If someone tries to give you Mussar in Shul, you can tell him
that according to the Arizal* it is not proper to do so in a Shul**.

* see Magen Avraham O.Ch. 151:3

** even not during Davening

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dedicated To The Pope

                         ספר צמח דוד 
                dedicated to the Pope

Dedicating a Sefer to an individual or a family is very common today. One of the best known Sefer 
dedication is The Schottenstein Shas.

This custom goes back to the times of the Geonim, & maybe even earlier.

1) R. Amram Gaon dedicated his “Seder Hatefilos” to R. Yitzchok Bar-Shimon who sent him 
ten Golden coins for the Yeshiva in Mechasya.

2) R. Menachem b. Zerach dedicated his Sefer “Tzeidah Laderech”  to Don Shmuel Abarbanel.

3) R. Ovadia Seforno dedicated his Sefer “Ohr Olam” to King Henri 2nd(France)

4) R.Dovid de Pomis dedicated his Sefer “Tzemach Dovid” to Pope Sixtus 5th

5) R.Menashe b Yisroel dedicated his Sefer  “Mikveh Yisroel”(Hope of Israel) to 
The British Parliament, Courts of England  & Prime Minister Oliver Cromwell.

6) R. Mordechai Gimpel Halevi dedicated his Sefer “Tochachas Megillah” to Gustav the
President of Sweden.

7) Efraim Pinner* dedicated his “GermanTranslation on Meseches Brochos  to 
Tsar Nicholas 1st (Russia)

*The Chasam Sofer retracted the Haskama he gave him.deded

Monday, June 19, 2017

What A Joke ?

           כחוכא ואיטלולא

The Mishna Verurah(24:7) writes in the name of the קדמונים
that by placing the ציצית over the eyes when saying
Parshas ציצית one is guaranteed not to become blind.

The Mishne Verura continues that
 "a blind man may hold his  ציצית in his hand even though it says וראיתם אותו since others can see it.

However, the blind man should not place the ציצית over
his eyes since it will seem כחוכא ואיטלולא." [It looks weird and 
laughable for a blind man seeking protection of not 
becoming blind.]

I was just wondering when some צדיקים do strange things during their עבודה no one looks at it as weird. 

On the contrary, it is assumed they have  deep Kabbalistic hidden  כוונות.

So too why is it considered weird & laughable when a blind man would place his ציצית over his eyes and we don't assume it to have a deeper meaning?

       Seems) that this privilege is only applicable)   ווייזט זיך אויס
to צדיקים. When they act strangely during performing Mitzvohs  we may not question it. We must assume they are performing with hidden Kabbalistic כוונות.

For the המון עם (simple Yid) they have to be careful not to 
do strange actions while performing Mitzvohs otherwise it

will be  כחוכא ואיטלולא

This May Be The Most Powerful Segula

The most powerful Segulah

*The most Segulos attached to a single חפצא של מצוה 
probably is, to look at or wear ציצית.

1)  (יראת שמים (בית אהרן פ' שלח
2) (פרנסה (בשם כתבי האריז"ל
3) (זכרון (חת"ס פ' שלח 
4)  (רפואה (בשם החוזה מלובלין
5  (חזון ונבואה (נועם אלימלך פ' שלח
6) (מצילו מיצה"ר (מ"ב כ"ד סק"ה
7)  (מצילו מכעס (כף החיים סקכ"ה
8) (עת רצון(להתפלל על קנאה,שנאה וכעס (קב הישר פ' פ"ה 
9)  ( מצילו מעין הרע (חיד"א דבש לפי צ:כ"ז
10) (מוספת קדושה לאדם (שערי תשובה ג :כ"ב 
11) ('תועלת גדולה לנשמה ( שער הכוונות דרוש ז 
12) (זוכה ורואה פני השכינה ( שו"ע כ"ד: ו 



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Friday, June 16, 2017

👀Did you know? (178) -Parshas Shelach

    TAKE A L👀K

There are some Rishonim* who hold that every time 
one looks at his ציצית, he is מקיים מצוות עשה דאורייתא
of וראיתם אותו.

It seems from some Poskim that this Mitzvah can  
be performed even by looking at ציצית worn by others.

*סמ"ק,ריב"ש,רשב"ץ ועוד

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

How Many Meraglim ?


How many Meraglim did Moishe send to Eretz Yisroel?

a) 10
b) 12
c) 18