Friday, December 15, 2017

Another No Such Mitzva

According to Harav Yosef Sholom Elyashiv zt"l: (Ashrei Ha'ish)

Lighting a Chanukah Menorah in front of the City Hall, Parliament
buildings, top of cars or other public places etc. makes no sense 
whatsoever, even if your intention is to publicize the Neis 
of Chanukah.

Chazal instituted פירסומי ניסא,  when, where, and how.

Anywhere else, there is absolutely no Mitzvah to do. 

Those who light there with a ברכה are עובר on a ברכה לבטלה"

There is no such Mitzvah

There is no such Mitzvah to light 
      Chanuka candles in Shul.

1) Lighting Chanukah candles in Shul is not mentioned in Bavli, Yerushalmi or Rambam. Even the Tur & Shulchan Aruch don't say there is Chiyuv to light in Shul. They do 
mention it indirectly. (where to place it and to light it before Havdalah)

2) The Minhag of lighting in Shul started in the times of the Gaonim. 

3) This Minhag is one of the few  Minhagim where we make a Bracha  "אשר קדשנו במצותיו".

4) The Chasam Sofer writes (Shu”t  O. Ch,186) about all the large Shuls he has visited:

"Their Minhagim are based on the early Gaonim most of them lit the Menorah with wax candles". (not with oil)"

5) The Shamash from the Shul Menorah is considered a Ner Mitzvah and may not be used for personal benefit*.

*Mishna Veruro 674 sk 7 in the name of Maharshal

Thursday, December 14, 2017

No Strangers This Time

Shavuos 15a

מכאן ואילך עבודתן מחנכתן
The Rambam writes a   זר may light the Menorah in the Bais Hamikdash. In order for a זר to light, it would require bringing out the Menora to where the זר may stand. After the זר lights it the Kohanim return the Menorah back to its place. 

This proves that at the Bais Hamikdash we don't Pasken.  עושה מצוההדלקה Otherwise it would be Pasul being it was lit in the wrong place.

If this is true then why for Chanukah do we  pasken   הדלקה עושה מצוה ?
Shouldn't it have the same Din as in the Bais Hamikdash?

The Rogatchover Gaon zt”l says:
 “in the times  of Bayis Sheini (no Shemen Hamishcha ) the way to be Mekadesh a new Kli Shoreis, was having a Kohen  use it
for the first time, during the Avodah.

During the Nes Chanukah  they lit with a new Menorah for the first time. To be Mekadesh  the new Menorah,required Kohanim to light the Menorah. “

Mori V’rabi Harav Hagaon Reb Shlomo Miller Shlita said:
with this Rogatchover we can understand why we pasken by Chanukah, הדלקה עושה מצוה .

Chazal wanted to commemorate the Chinuch of the new Menorah , which required a Kohein to do the Hadlakah which was done inside.
Therefore we Paskin for Chanuka Licht הדלקה עושה מצוה

אחת ושבע          
ואני הקטן הוספתי ,ובזה מיושב קושיית הב"י
ביום א' התקינו לזכר חנוכת המנורה 
                                                                                                         ( קידוש כלי שרת)         

ועוד ז' זכר נס פך שמן  

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Vort On Parshas Hashovua From Reb Ahron Leib Shteinman

ויאמר ראובן אל אביו לאמר את שני בני תמית                                                   

Maran Harav A.Y.L. Shteinman zt"l  said he heard that Reb Chaim Brisker would not add his father's name (בן הגרי"ד) when signing  his name.

The reason is because the first year after the death of a parent or Rebbie one is obligated to add הריני כפרת משכבו  when mentioning their name.

(as if to say that all sins of the parent/Rebbie should be transferred to the child/Talmid.

It is true that the Halacha requires you to add הכ"מ but if you don't mention the father there won't be a need 
to add הכ"מ.

Reb Chaim was concerned and fearful of accepting the sins of his father the Bais Halevi. Since he didn't mention himthe first year he kept it up and *never signed his name "בן הגרי"ד"

Harav Shteinman brings this story as one more proof that one can actually transfer sins from one person to another. 

This is what Reuvain told his father that he is prepared to accept all the sins which might even cause the death
of his two sons should he not bring back Binyamin. (see Malbim)

Rav Shteinman writes some say  that R. Chaim changed his mind later in life.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Beloved Mitzva

Mori V'Rabi Harav Hagaon Reb Shlomo Miller shlita said:

"Instead of arranging the timing of הדלקת נרות
so it won't interfere with your travels, you should 
arrange the timing of your travels so it won't 
interfere with the הדלקת נרות.

Lighting Ner Chanukah is the only Mitzvah that the 
Rambam writes (Hl. Chanukah 4:12) מצוה חביבה היא עד מאד  
(most beloved Mitzvah) 

The Rambam also writes והדלקת נרות - כקריאת מגילה 
Perhaps the Rambam meant that  the same
way קריאת מגילה is דוחה all Mitzvos even דאורייתא
(except Meis Mitzvah) so too הדלקת נרות is דוחה all
Being it is such a great Mitzvah one should try to
avoid traveling if it will interfere with this beloved and

important Mitzvah." 

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Monday, December 11, 2017

how many minutes in a half hour

How many minutes in a half an hour?

Chanuka candles need to burn for half an hour after nightfall.

The שר התורה Harav Chaim Kanyevski שליט"א, holds that the half 
hour is measured in שעות זמניות of the night time.

In North America in Mid December, a daytime hour* = approximately 
45 minutes and a nighttime hour = approximately 75 minutes.

Therefore, half a nighttime hour = approx 37.5 minutes.

*ע"פ הגר"א