Friday, October 20, 2017

Why Should We Have A Party

According to the Yerushalmi:
This coming Sunday (Parshas לך לך) we should have a party.

Thursday, October 19, 2017


In the Torah the months have no names.They are
numbered (1st, 2nd etc.) except for Nissan which is called  
Chodesh Ha'aviv.
In Tanach we find different names for some months.
 ניסן = אביב, אייר = זיו,  תשרי = ירח האתנים, מרחשון= בול
The months אלול,כסליו,טבת,שבט,אדר & ניסן appear in 
Tanach (as is)
Chodesh Cheshvan in Tanach (Melochim 1:6:38 is referred
to  as ירח בול  month of Bul.
The Midrash (Tanchuma) writes that after the Mabul
it used to rain heavily for 40 days starting from Rosh
Chodesh Cheshvan. Shlomo Hamelech after completing
the Bais Hamikdash davened for the rain to stop.
Therefore the מ from מבול was removed and changed 
to בול. (The month the Bais Hamikdash was completed)
The Pri Chadash writes if a Get was dated ירח בול it is
a kosher Get
The Rema (Hl. Gittin 126 :6) writes to spell the month
מרחשון  (not חשון ) in a Get.
The Poskim (Pischei Teshuva- Get Poshut)  rule if it was written  חשון “      
it is Kosher B’dieved.

Harav Hagaon R. Y.S. Elashiv zt"l ruled , If a Rosh Yeshiva,
Rov etc. was Mesader with a Kesubah spelled “ חשון “ ,    
since B’dieved it is Kosher, you should not embarrass him

to correct his mistake.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Shidduch crisis, waiting over 1,100 years to get married

According to the Sefer Hayoshor ,( assuming
Na'amoh was the daughter of Chanoch), she was
580 years old, when she married Noach.
(born year 974 married year1554)

There are  Midrashim who claim Na’amoh
was the daughter of Lemech*1st. According tto
these Midrashim she was approximately  1,150
years when she got married (born approx year
400 married year1554)

Noach was 500 years old when his wife gave birth
to his children, therefore, Na’amoh must have been
at least 650 or 80 years older than her husband.
And you thought we have a Shidduch crisis !

*The fathers of Noach and of Na’amoh were

both named “Lemech “(Pre R.Yehuda Hachasid)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

We Want Mashiach Now

We want Mashiach now / Who wanted Mashiach then?

The Sefer Otzar Yisroel (printed.almost 100 years ago) writes:

"The Sadigura Chasidim believe be'emuna sheleima that their Rebbe is the Tzadik Hador and the future Mashiach.(If the redemption will be in his lifetime)

When they drink a lechayim they wish each other Yehi Ratzon that our Tzadik should reveal himself Ba'agala Uvizman Karev- Bimheira Veyameinu

Monday, October 16, 2017

Zogt Ah Niggun

In many  Botei Medrashim/Yeshivos, some of the Nigunim during Hakafos are  Yiddish Nigunim (Gits Arein, Olam Habo etc.)

Reb Iser Zalman  Meltzer Zt"l used to sing during the Hakafos the song “Kometz Alef Oh Kometz Bais Boh- and  the song
“Omar Abaya”. R.Isser Zalmen said these were the Nigunim
they sang in Volozhin Yeshiva during the Hakafos.

In some Ashkenaz Shuls, they are Makpid not to sing any 
songs with Pesukim . They sing only the Piyutim printed
in the Machzor and Nigunim without words.

It is very likely , that in the olden days they would not sing Pesukim and therefore sang only Yiddish Nigunim etc.

Many are not aware there is an Issur to sing Pesukim.

They are also not aware that the Poskim  tried desperately
to justify why almost everybody sings Pesukim and are not
concerned with the Gemoro – התורה חוגרת שק- עשאוני
בניך כמין זמר .

Reb Moishe Feinstein writes (Igros Moshe Y.D.2: 142) He doesn’t know of a good reason to justify it.

R. Chaim Kanyevsky Shlita holds one may only sing Pesukim
If the intention is to praise Hashem. Singing Pesukim for Simcha is forbidden even for  Choson/Kallah.

Reb Elyashuv zt”l is Matir if one's intention is to pronounce with the Nigun the meaning of the words ,for instance, מה אהבתי תורתך then one is allowed to sing.(The music should match the words and help in the Kavana). 

There is also a problem singing the Piyut of האדרת והאמונה on
Simchas Torah.
The Mogen Avraham writes (O.Ch. 565) one may not say this
Piyut ברבים except for once a year on Yom Kippur.

Could be that by adding the Yiddish words צוא וועמען צוא וועמען 

might solve the problem.אמבצי

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Eiruv Tavshilin

The Sdei Chemed brings the Machlokes Haposkim:

If the Bracha on Eiruv Tavshilin needs to be recited while standing.  

Poskim say, for the following
personal Mitzvohs (מצוות פרטיות ) you need to
stand while making the Bracha.

 עצת ה' לעלם תעמודare the Roshei Teivos for
ערוב  ציצית תפילין  לולב עומר לבנה מילה 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Aravos In Canada

Once again Aravos 
will be available for people in the Toronto area 

For more information call 925-ARAVOS1