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Friday, February 24, 2017

A Bone To Pick

  ורפא ירפא

 The Mahril said that all  Refuos and Lachashim  mentioned in Shas, are forbidden to be practiced.

 It only works in certain conditions.  Someone who will try it and if it won’t work  might ridicule Chazal.

 There is one exception, and that is if someone has a (fish) bone stuck in his throat.
 The Gemoro ( Shabbos 67a) says that he should bring another bone and place it on the back of his head
 and say" חד חד נחית בלע בלע נחית חד חד"
 This Lachash is allowed because it is Boduk Umenuso (guaranteed) to work in all conditions."

 I once heard that this Lachash only works if you use the Sefardic Havarah (accent).

 The Ches and the Ayin (from chad, nochis and bola) are pronounced from deep inside the throat.

 Pronouncing these two letters (sefardi accent) manipulates the throat, so that the bone will dislodge

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Lets Party And Be Merry -Part 1

part 1
משנכנס אדר מרבים בשמחה

The Rema (O.Ch. 493:2) writes that on Lag Baomer we  
increase with a little Simcha "ומרבים בו קצת שמחה"

When Chazal tell us משנכנס אדר מרבים בשמחה, there is no mention of קצת

It seems the שמחה of Adar's arrival is greater than the שמחה of Lag Baomer. 

Wouldn't it be more appropriate, when Adar arrives to at least do the same if
not more and dance to the music all night long, make a Hadlaka, party & be merry etc.


*this question is in need for an answer

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Just In Time For Purim


Why We Stand

The Mogen Avraham (417:1) writes, The Minhag is to stand when
the Chazzan announces (during Rosh Chodesh Bentching)
the day Rosh Chodesh will be on, similar to the times when they
were Mekadesh the Chodesh.

 R. Akiva Eiger zt"l , writes on himself  “בער אנכי" 
(I am an AmHa’aretz)* and I don’t know where do we find קידוש החדש
was done standing. From the Mishna (R.H. 25b) it seems the
opposite, Bais Din was sitting, only the עדים were standing.”
(Bais Din announced מקודש while they sat)

I once heard an answer . In Pirkei D’rabi Eliezer it says
a Sefer Torah was brought in when the Bais Din said מקודש-.
When a Sefer Torah is brought in, everybody needs to stand up.

Our Minhag is, for the Chazzan to hold the Sefer Torah during
time he announces the new Chodesh. Perhaps it is done lezecher the
קידוש החדש where they brought in a Sefer Torah.

According to the Mishna Verura, (Shar Hatzion 146 sk18) there is no 
חיוב to stand while the Chazan is standing and holding the 
Sefer Torah,
(Rosh Chodesh Bentchen, Eil Molei, Mi Shebeirach Bahab etc.)

The Minhag is to stand because of הידור תורה .
The only time you must stand, is while the Chazzan walks 
with the Torah or for Hagbah.

*We should all be an Am Ha'aretz like him.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Don't mix up the Yotzros

Even though the term Yotzros is commonly used for all the Piyutim said during Davening 

The correct term for the Piyutim   are as follows:

The Piyut said before

       נשמת     is called נשמת 

                  יוצר is called  יוצר אור

אופן   is called  והאופנים 

 מאורה    is called    יוצר המאורות

אהבה   is called   הבוחר באהבה

 זולת      is called   ואין אלוהים זולתך

גאולה      is called    גאל ישראל

The Piyutim said during Chazaras  Hashatz are called ( קרובות (קרובץ   which have four parts מגן,מחיה,מי כמוך, and סילוק the last one before  Kedusha

The seven Piyutim during Chazaras  Hashatz of Musaf are called שבעתא 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Yarzeit of Rav Mottel Pogromansky כה' שבט זיע"א

The Torah World

 וכל העולם כלו בשליש אמה, נמצאת-- אלפים וארבע אמות בעולם מאריכה (*סלוק פרשת שקלים)

The Gemoro (Eruvin 21a) and R.Eliezer Hakalir in Parshas Shekalim סלוק, compare the size of the world to the size of the Torah.

According to the Gemoro, the Torah is 3,200 times greater than the world. According to R. Eliezer Hakalir, it is 2,400 times greater.

It would seem from this that the Torah is finite the same way as the physical world is finite. However, we do know that the Torah is infinite and has no limitations. 

Perhaps Chazal are not comparing the physical sizes of the two but are comparing the blessings and all the good things
that the world has to offer compared to the Torah which offers 3.200 or 2.400 times more.אמבצי

*The last Yotzer before the Shachris Kedusha by R. E. Hakalir

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