Friday, April 28, 2017

We want Mashiach now.

We want Mashiach now.

In Nusach Sfard Siddurim at the end of the Bracha of את צמח דוד, it says ומצפים לישועה.

The words "ומצפים לישועה" do not belong there. It never ever was part of any Nusach in
the שמונה עשרה.

Originally someone wrote it on the side of the Bracha as instruction and advice to have 
there in mind to expect the Yeshua of Bias Hamashiach.

The Gemoro (Shabbos 31a) says one of the first questions one will be asked will 
be "?ציפית לישועה"  (Did you expect משיח)

The person who wrote ומצפים לישועה felt it would be an appropriate place&time to have 
it in mind during the Bracha of את צמח דוד.

Some Poskim strongly oppose adding the words ומצפים לישועה  being it's not part of

the Nusach of the Bracha.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Seven reasons for fasting Ta’anis Bahab.

 לז"נ הבחור הקדוש
 מנחם שלמה בן ר' אברהם אשי הי"ד
נעקד"ה א' אייר

               Seven reasons for fasting Ta’anis Bahab.

1)      Chillul Hashem& for the Heichal that was burnt.  ( Ms. Sofrim 21)

2)      Men & women mingle during the Drasha on Yom Tov  (Tosfos Kidushin 81a)

3)      Men & women overeat  & mingle during the meals (Eshkol)

4)      Rain for winter and no harsh spring weather so the crops won’t get damaged. (Elya Raba)

5)      Change of seasons(winter & summer) shouldn’t be harmful to the people. (Levush)

6)      Hashem should ease the Galus. (Machzor Vitri)

7)      Zilzul Chol Hamoed (Maharam  miRotenberg)

Possible explanation of the סוד המרכבה

 The Gemoro Rosh Hashana 11a says:
Chodesh זיו is the month of אייר. The reason it is called Ziv , is because the Avos were born in Nissan.
By the time the month of Ziv (Iyar) arrived all the Avos were already born . (see Rashi) 
The Rema (E.H. 126:6 ) writes:
“Since there is a Machlokehs how to spell  אייר   (if 1  or 2 Yuds) we try to refrain from writing Gittin, the entire month .”
Reb Akiva Eiger quotes  the Yalkut with the ראשי תיבות of אברהם, יצחק ,יעקב ,רחל 
From the ילקוט we see that the spelling of אייר is with 2 Yuds.
The אלשיך in Parshas ויחי writes " the Merkava requires to 
have all three אבות both Yitzchok & Yakov (two yuds)
Hence, this explains why the ראשי תיבות  of  of אייר 
is the סוד המרכבה 


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

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-From Reb Akiva Eiger סוד המרכבה

                           סוד המרכבה

  R.Akiva Eiger zt”l writes in the Hagohos (E.H. 126:6):
 “Theנחלת שבעה quotes a ילקוט 
  The ראשי תיבות of אברהם יצחק יעקב רחל spell 
אייר  with 2 Yuds and that is the סוד המרכבה"

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

אין דבר

אין דבר                                                         

R. (Shlomo) Zalmen Hena  (רז"ה)  was one of the greatest Balei Dikduk. The Pri Megadim calls him “Harav Hamedakdek  Hagadol” (O. Ch. 56)

It is said that the Vilna Gaon acquired his knowledge in dikduk from the seforim of the Rezah.

In the year 1725, the Rezah printed his Siddur “Bais Tefilah” with his pirush “Sha’arei Tefillah”. The Siddur has a Haskamah from the Chacham Zvi and other Gedolim.

Wherever the dikduk was incorrect, he changed the nusach.  He also changed from leshon Chachamim (KLUM) to leshon Torah (DOVOR) .

Most of the changes in the Bal Hatanya’s Siddur supposedly are based on the Rezah’s  Siddur “Bais Hatefilah” .

The Shu”t  Minchas Yitzchok (10 – 16) criticizes the  Siddurim printers for changing
the nusach from Klum to Dovor.

The Rezah was probably the first person to tamper with the nusach hatefilah. He held that dikduk overrides the nusach established by the anshei knesses hagedola.

The Yavetz (R. Yakov Emden ) criticized him strongly. He published a sefer (לוח ארש) whose sole purpose was to point out the mistakes and argue on the Rezah . In his Hakdama he writes

 “It is unbelievable what he (Rezah) did. He destroyed and broke fences, moved into

territory that doesn’t belong to him and there he destroyed and built without permission.
He made changes whenever he felt like it. He had the העזה (chutzpa) to tamper with the nusach of the Anshei Knesses Hagedola”.

The Yavetz also claimed that the haskama from his father, the Chacham Zvi was forged, in order to make for himself a great name (Rezah) .

R. Dovid Yitzchaki claimed that all the other Haskamos were also forged.

R. Mordechai Duseldorff wrote a Kunteres (Kunteres Hahasogos) with 192 proofs against the
Rezah. The Kunteres has a Haskama from the Noda B’yehuda .

After the Rezah another maskil and medakdek , Itzik Stanov appeared and followed the Rezah. He too changed the nusach according to dikduk and from
leshon chazal to leshon Tanach. (Leisheiv Basukah to Losheves Basukah) etc.

This trend continued.

 In some Chasidic courts, they added and subtracted
from the original nusach of the Anshei Knesses Hagedola.
Gradually, even in the non Chasidic siddurim, many changes crept in from the Rezah and Itzik Stanov.

Untill 300 years ago, every siddur , "Yisgadal Veyiskadash" was pronounced with a patach.

 Rezah changed it to Yisgadeil Veyiskadeish with a tzeirei.
The Mishna Verura quotes the Pri Megodim who quotes the Rezah to say it
with a tzeirei. 
Hence, in most  Litvishe Yeshivos they pronounce it with a tzeirei.

Some claim, that the first to introduce Mashiv Haruach Umorid HAGOSHEM
with a קמץ was Itzik Stanov. Until then everybody said HAGESHEM with a סגול.
It is hard to believe and to accept that some parts in our Nusach Hatefillah has 
changes in them which were done by Maskilim.



Monday, April 24, 2017

הלא דבר הוא

הלא דבר הוא                                                      
According to Kabbalah, the ברכת האילנות  are to be said only in חודש ניסן. In many cities in North America , the trees haven’t started blossoming yet.  Some will make the Bracha Iy"h  in אייר. According to Halacha, most Poskim hold, it is perfectly acceptable to make the Bracha in the months of אדר or אייר.
 In Shas Bavli & Yerushalmi, Zohar, Poskim (Tur Sh. Aruch 233) and all Sidurim printed over 300 years ago, the Nusach of the Bracha ends "Shelo Chisar Bo’olamo כלום". Most Siddurim  today have the Nusach is "Shelo Chisar Bo'olamo דבר".

Why the change?