Friday, March 16, 2018

This Week We Say Ato Yotzarto- MAKE SURE YOU SAY IT RIGHT

  Chorevo versus Chorvo

In the Tefillah of Ato Yotzarto*  " ולפי שחטאנו -- חרבה עירנו "
You should make sure to pronounce the Reish of
Chorevo with a שוא נע (Chorevo).

By pronouncing the Reish with a  שוא נח (silent שוא)
(Chorvo) the translation can  change to "Because we sinned --
you should (ח"ו) destroy our city".

The correct translation is, "Because we sinned our city was

ובני ירושלים עיר הקדש במהרה בימינו

Musaf Shabbos Rosh Chodesh 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Sharpen Your Brainz- Can you answer This Riddle ??

What is Muktza throughout the entire year (on Shabbosos & Yomim Tovim) except for  8 or 9 days of the year when it is not Muktza? (on Shabbos or Yom Tov)

Birkas Hamazon after drinking a glass of water

Birkas Hamazon after drinking a glass of water
According to R.Ch. Kaniyevsky Shlita, If someone was
thirsty at the end of his meal, and waited to drink
water till after Birkas Hamazon, he must Bentch again
Birkas Hamazon * (D’oryasa)

The Mordechai holds if you are thirsty at the end of
the meal and Bentch then your Benching was only
מדרבנן Therefore after you Benched if you
drink a glass of water you  are now מחויב מן התורה to 
Bench(again) The first Bentching doesn't count
since it was only a דרבנן Bentching.

*see Rema O.Ch. 197:4

Monday, March 12, 2018


All he did was drink a cup of water and for this, he must Bentch Birchas Hamazon. ? 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Torah Trivia-Parshas Pekudei

This week (Vayakhel- Pikudei) when doing Sh'nayim Mikra v'echod Targum,
you have to make sure you do this, otherwise you will not be yotzei (Sh'nayim Mikra--).???

PART 1 Hakdama to the answer re Shnayim Mikroh 

Next week (Parshas Vayikrah) many children will come home from school or cheider with
a “teitch (translation) sheet on Parshas Hashavua. Some sheets will have the  incorrect
translation of  Vayikra – And he called. The correct translation is He called. (no and)

A vav at the beginning of a word can serve as three functions
1) Vav hachibur ,connecting  to the previous word or sentence (and)
2 ) Vav hamehapech , reverse future to past or past to future.
3)  Vav hachibur + hamehapech , both functions.( 1+2)
1) Moshe V’aharon                         _          Moshe and Aharon
2) Yikrah = he will call (future)        –        Vayikrah = he called (past)
2) Osoh = he made (past)                _        Veosoh = he shall make (future)
3) Yomar  = he will say(future)       --       Vayomar = a) he said (past)  – b) and he said (past+ and)

Vyikrah is a new Parsha and Chumash. The vav can’t be a chibur it has no connection
to the previous Parsha. The vav can act only as a mehapech.
In this week’s  Parsha  (Vayakhel) one of the gedolei  olam made a mistake with the
Vav of Veosoh Betzalel. (Shmos 36 – 1)

Thursday, March 8, 2018

תורה שבכתב-תורה שבעל פה

תורה שבכתב-תורה שבעל פה                          

What happens more often, Daf Yomi making a Siyum on a Mesechta or the Tzibur saying Chazak in Shul 
after finishing one of the Chumashim?

The answer is that the frequency of these two events are virtually exactly the same.

On average Daf Yomi makes a Siyum every 73.27 days and we say Chazak on average every 73.05 days!

חזק חזק ונתחזק                                                                  

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Parshas Vayakhel-Can People Make Mistakes?????

Mori V'Rabi Hagaon Reb Shlomo Miller Shlita told us:

 "The Velt has two misconseptions on Gedolim

1) A Godol can't make mistakes.

2) If they make a mistake they are not a Godol anymore.

Both statements are untrue." 

In this week’s  Parsha  (Vayakhel) one of the Gedolei   Hameforshim, made a mistake with the translation of the Vav of  Veosoh Betzalel. (Shmos 36 – 1)

The arrangement of the Tenach into Kapitlach (chapters)

was done by the Christian church in the 12th century .

There is no uniform system, where a new chapter begins or ends.

At the end of chapter Shmos 35 it says how Moshe spoke to

the Bnei Yisroel about Betzalel’s  Chachma that Hashem gave him, to do the Meleches Hamishkan.

A new chapter begins at Shmos 36 – 1 “ V’osoh Betzalel – Kol Meleches Avodas Hakodesh”. 

Because a new chapter begins here, one of the Gedolei  Hameforshim, mistakenly translated And  Betzalel made (past tense) – (vav hachibur)

The Targum Onkeles  was also changed  from V’yabeid

(He shall do) to Vavad (He did). The Ibn Ezrah (36 -1) and Rashi in Ms.Makos 12a both say , V’osoh is a command
( future)  And Betzalel shall make etc.  V’osoh is a continuation from the previous chapter.(mehapech + chibur)

In the name of the M’hril Diskin it is said “When you are

Ma’avir Sidrah you should say in the Targum V’yabeid and not the way it is printed in the Chumashim* “ Vavad” otherwise you won’t be  yotzei Shnayim Mikrah.

*The new Oz Vehodor Chumashim corrected the
Targum to V'Yabeid.