Friday, March 14, 2014

Just Wondering - Leave Your Answers In The Comment Section

The Maharatz Chayos & the Chasam Sofer (Shu”t O.Ch. 208) both hold celebrating Chanuka & Purim is a Mitzvah D’orysa (Min Hatorah).
How to celebrate, lighting candles, Mikra Megilah etc. is D’rabanan.
We learn from a Kal Vachomer, to celebrate when a neis (miracle) happens to Klall  Yisroel.
I was wondering , when doing one of the Mitzvohs Hayom on Purim, Do you need to have Kavanah*  to be Yotze the Mitzvah D,orysa?

*Mitzvohs D,orysa (celebrating) needs  Kavanah

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