Thursday, March 19, 2015

Why The Rebbe Was Wrong At The Chumash Party


A Vav at the beginning of a word can serve as three functions
1) Vav Hachibur ,connecting  to the previous word or sentence (and)
2 ) Vav Hamehapech , reverse future to past or past to future.
3)  Vav Hachibur + Hamehapech , both functions.( 1+2)
1) Moshe V’aharon                         _          Moshe and Aharon                                               [Chibur]

2) Yikrah = he will call (future)        –        Vayikrah = he called (past)                                  [Mehapech]

2) Osoh = he made (past)                _        Veosoh = he shall make (future)                         [Mehapech]

3) Yomar  = he will say (future)       --       Vayomar = a) he said (past)  – b) and he said (past+ and)     [Mehapech +Chibur ] 

Vayikrah is a new Parsha and Chumash. The Vav can’t be a Chibur it has no connection to the previous Parsha. The Vav can act only as a Mehapech.

Therefore the correct translation is He called , not And he called.


  1. Do you have a mekor for this? How would you translate V'eileh at the beginning of Sefer Shemos?
    And actually the Rashbam, Ibn Ezra, Daas Z'keinim, Rosh, Chizkuni & Rabbeinu Bachye all connect the first posuk of Vayikra to the end of P'kudei posuk 35.
    See also Medrash Tanchuma & Targum Yonasan; however the Malbim says that the Sifra would argue.

  2. 1) Sevara Bealma (Art Scroll agrees)
    2) V. Shemos has to be Chibur See Ibn Ezra , Ramban Or Hachaim & Sechel Tov.
    3) All Meforshim you mention are according to Drush. According to Pshat (Teitch)
    Vav is only Hipuch and not Chibur.אמבצי