Monday, January 30, 2017

The five questions For Parshas Boi

1) In this weeks Parsha,(Bo) there are two foods  that should be eaten roasted.
 a) Korban Pesach
 b) ? WHAT IS THE SECOND ??????  

for answer click here
2) Who was בן יקא ?

for answer click here

3) What connection does  בן יקא have with Parshas בא?

When Yidden were saved from an עת צרה  ,  Chazal instituted a Yom Tov. ( Chanuka & Purim)

4) Why do the Bechorim fast on Erev Pesach? Why not have a special Yom Tov for being saved?

5) Why is there a Chiyuv for the parent of a child
who hasn't even reached the age of Chinuch to

fast for the child?

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