Monday, December 4, 2017

Why two & not one? Vort For Parshas Vayeshev From Reb Shimon Shkop

Yosef was punished two additional years in jail for having repeated twice כי אם זכרתני-והזכרתני

R. Shimon Shkop Zt"l said, "Had Yosef asked only once to be remembered he would not have been punished one year jail. Asking once to remember is השתדלות and not a חסרון בבטחון.

Since Yosef was wrong for only repeating and not for the first time so why was he punished for two years instead of one year?

We can learn from here that by asking a second time  proves that retroactively asking  the first time was also not because of השתדלות but lack of  בטחון."

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