Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Name Game-Naming a child after a non-Frum family member

According to Mori V’Rabi Harav Hagaon Reb Shlomo Miller shlita:
Naming a child after a non-Frum family member is acceptable & at times even recommended.

The main reason we name after an individual who passed away is to honour him or his living relative. It is usually  done as Hakaras Hatov we have for them.

Hakaras Hatov overrules all the reasons of not naming after a non-Frum person.

We find Bnei Yisroel as a Hakaros Hatov named their children after Alexander the Goy.

The Zohar writes, In all the names of the שבטי יה, there are no Ches ח or Tes ט .
The  שבטי יה had no חטא (sin)

Monday, November 12, 2018


 Bava Metzia 42a

ואר"י אין הברכה מצויה אלא בדבר הסמוי מן העין-
-ת"ר ההולך למוד את גורנו אומר יר"מ ה' אלוקינו שתשלח ברכה-

One who hasn't measured his grain may Daven for
a Bracha that his grain should increase. The reason
for it is because something that is hidden from the
eye (unknown) the power of Tefillah can bring a
Bracha and change (increase) the original amount
of grain.

The Mishna (Brachos 44a)
"If a man whose wife is pregnant (after 40 days) and
Davens that she should give birth to a זכר it is considered
a תפילת שוא"  (in vain)


Why if one harvested 1,000 lbs. of wheat and he is
unaware of the amount his Tefillah can change it
to 1.200 lbs. but his Tefillah cannot change the gender
of the child even though it is hidden from his eyes ?


Did you know?(196) PROVEN SEGULA

                     Proven Segulah by Rav Hai Gaon

The Minhag is to stretch out the והוא רחום & ברכו on Motzai Shabbos. (said slowly) (
רמ"א או"ח רצ"ג:ג)

The שערי תשובה quotes the בה"ג that one should also answer back ברוך ה' המבורך לעולם ועד slowly. Doing so prevents bad things from happening in the coming week.

The Chida writes, he saw the handwriting* of R Chaim Vital who quoted רב האי גאון that stretching out the ברוך ה' המבורך on Motzai Shabbos is a proven Segulah to have הצלחה.

Supposedly, R Ch.Vital asked that all his כתבים should be destroyed before they bury him and it was done so. ???


Friday, November 9, 2018

my story or history



In a Ksav Yad (manuscript) from the son of the Toldos it is written
The Besht was Niftar on the first day of Shavuos 6th of Sivan
on a Wednesday.

Many other Seforim follow this Mesorah (tradition) and agree
he was Niftar on the first day YomTov.

he Sefer Melietzei Aish and some other Seforim claim The Besht
was Niftar the second day of Shavuos. (can't be on a Wednesday)

The previous Skolye Rebbe zt"l said There is a Mesorah that the
Besht said  " At my Yetzias Neshama all clocks in Meshbuz will stop".
The Besht was Niftar the second night Shavuos at midnight
and all the clocks in Meshbuz stopped exactly at12.00

(I wonder how many clocks Meshbuz had in those days)

The Darkei Chaim V'sholom (Minchas Elozor) writes The Besht was
Niftar on the first day Yom Tov and the Chasidim followed the
Halacha יתעסקו בו עממין to have Goyim take care of the body and
the Kevura.

The Sefer Shemuos V'Sipurim writes " R. L. Y. Schneerson zt"l asked
from The Lubavitcher Rebbe The Marshab zt"l (R. Sholem Ber) 
Who took care of the body of the Besht ?" (YomTov)

The Marshab answered" the body of the Besht didn't require
others to take care of

A different version of his answer "The Besht buried himself.after
his Petira, no grave diggers were needed."

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Parshas Toldos -

Parshas Hashavua

Midrash Rabah Parshas Toldos (65) quotes Koheles (11:5) כעצמים בבטן המלאה [you don't know] " the nature of the embryo in a
pregnant stomach." 

The עץ יוסף writes the reason we don't know the gender in a pregnant stomach is that otherwise, some רשעים would cause the woman to abort if the gender won't be to their liking.

As a result of female infanticide and sex-selective abortion combined, there are an estimated 30–40 million more men than women in China today. This female deficit is expected to generate a wide range of adverse social, political, and economic consequences

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018


 Gittin 38b


ואחת קבעה סעודתא בערב שבת ושתיהן נעקרו

Rashi explains that t
hey were punished because they ate the main meal on Friday night.

We Pasken 
כבוד יום קודם לכבוד לילה They should have waited for the daytime to eat the main Seudah"

Mori V’rabi Harav Hagaon Reb Shlomo Miller Shlita
said  :

It is not proper to serve Cholent Friday night. Cholent is a designated food for the סעודת היום. Eating Cholent at night violates כבוד יום קודם לכבוד לילה.