Friday, May 18, 2018

The seven-layer cake Minhag

The ערוך השלחן ס' תצ"ד writes:

 " The Torah calls the Yom Tov "שבועות" because of the שבעה שבועות we counted to reach this Yom Tov.  "

The Minhag in many German Kehilos was to bake for שבועות a seven-layer cake for the seven weeks we counted.

The Sefer יוסף אומץ ס' תתנ"ד writes the Minhag was to make a cake/kugel in the shape of a seven-rung ladder. The reason
for it is because, during  Matan Torah, Hashem tore open all 7 heavens to show that אין עוד מלבדו. 

Thursday, May 17, 2018




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Why doesn't the Gemoro answer in the 3* cases, that the Pasuk rounds it off to the nearest 10?

Perhaps we can answer the Kushya on the Rosh, that there is a difference between Halacha & Agada.

In Halacha The Torah tells you to count 50 days or give 40 Malkos. Torah shel bal peh tells us the number
50 & 40 are inaccurate and should be 49 & 39 there we must claim that Torah rounded off to the nearest 10.
even though it's a Dochek answer. 

In Agadah, Chazal have more leeway to Darshan the inaccurate number and explain it as correct according
to Drush and not to use the explanation of rounding off to the nearest 10 which is a Dochek.אמבצי

*1) Meraglim 2) Manna 3) Dovid Hamelech

50 Days

תספרו חמשים יום                                                                                                   
The Rosh explains that even though it says fifty days it means forty-nine days but the Torah rounds it off to the nearest
ten the same way as when the Torah tells us to give forty Malkos it is actually thirty-nine and rounded off to the nearest 10

We also find the Torah says they came down to Mitzrayim with 70 people and actually there were only 69
(  רא"ש סימן מ' ערבי פסחים)

In Ta'anis 29a The Pasuk says the Meraglim returned after 40 days the Gemoro asks it was only 39 days
In  Kiddushin 38a on the Pasuk that they ate the Manna for 40years the Gemoro asks, it was 40 years minus 30 days.
In Sanhedrin 107b the Gemoro asks on the Pasuk that Dovid Hamelech was king for 7years (Chevron) + 33 years
(Yerushalayim) and the other Pasuk it says He was king in Chevron 7 1/2 years.

According to the Rosh, why doesn't the Gemoro answer in these 3 cases, that the Pasuk rounds it
off to the nearest 10?

18 twins

חודש סיון - מזל תאומים

*תאומה היתה עם בנימן 
(תוס' "תיומה היתה  עם כל השבטים")


The 18 twins in the Torah

1) (קין והבל (פרקי דרבי אליעזר פ' כ"א
2) (יבל ויובל (חזקוני בראשית ד : כ
3) (יעקב ועשיו (בראשית כה:כד
4) (רחל ולאה (סדר עולם רבה פ"ב
5) (זבולון ודינה (אבן עזרא בראשית ל' כ"א
6) (אפרים ומנשה (סדר הדורות
7) (פרץ וזרח (בראשית לח כז

The 12 Shevatim -11** +7 = 18 Twins


**Zevulun  can't be counted twice

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Shabbos Chazon/ Shabbos Bamidbar

Shu"t Chasam Sofer (O.Ch. 159) writes, There is a great mourning,* especially in the lands of Ashkenaz.

They are מחמיר on the Shabbos before שבועות like we are מחמיר the Shabbos before תשעה באב."

This is also the reason, most Shuls have the Minhag to say "אב הרחמים" even when Erev Yom Tov falls on 
Shabbos (this year)    (2 reasons not to say  a) Erev Yom Tov  b) ג' ימי הגבלה)

* To commemorate the Gezeiras תתנ"ו
(crusades 1096) 
**weekday clothing etc.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Segulah from an Ish Halacha

Segulah from an איש הלכה

Chazal tell us, at מתן תורה all the sick were healed

Harav Hagaon R.Y.S. Eliyashiv zt”l said, "Every year on שבועות this same השפעה comes down to the world.

On שבועות, it is the opportune time to daven for רפואות. There is a special סגולה for Hashem to heal the sick. 

The best time to daven for רפואה is, during the קריאה of עשרת הדברות."

Yehi Ratzon , The אל מלך רופא נאמן ורחמן should send to all, רפואות וישועות etc.

לזכות עקיבא בן ריזל לרפואה שלמה בתוך שאר חולי ישראל